About Barbara Gonda.

Barb is a mature aged counselling psychologist who comes from a background that grew from nursing as a very young adult, as a naval officer, a manager, a counsellor and a trainer. She has been registered as a a psychologist for the last 15 years. She has worked in community based, state and federal governments. She has qualifications in Counselling and Gestalt Psychotherapy. While Barb is able to work with almost any issue, she has extensive experience working with trauma, recent and past; ex Vets; depression; family of origin issues, life experience and transitions, self esteem and ultimately, the making of meaning. She lives on a small rural property with her pets and chook, loves reading, travel and being creative. Nature is one of her greatest supports and gifts.

What Can Barbara Offer You?

The most important thing Barb can offer you is her willingness to hear your story and to understand your needs and hopes. She can do this because she has firstly spent many years listening and caring for people, often in the most practical and real ways. Secondly, Barb has worked for many years as a student of life, understanding herself and the world around her. Her down to earth approach to living and life can harness the philosophical, practical, spiritual and cognitive attitudes and theories to help you bring about that which is real and true and meaningful to each individual. One of Barb’s strongest values in her work is authenticity and this drives the connection and and trust that underlies her work with people. Barb considers awareness and mindfulness as the keys to growth and change.

Being a qualified psychologist with 2 Master level qualifications in counselling and therapy as well as other post graduate qualifications, her knowledge and practice are professionally and soundly based. Barb has recently expanded her field of work to include therapy for children. Barb is currently engaging in the study of somatic therapies for the treatment of trauma. She also has significant experience in working with first responders. She has presented at a number of trauma conferences.

What Happens During a Session?

Sessions can vary according to the urgency of client needs with these varying between sessions as need be. The direction of the session will be negotiated with the client with suggestions and plans given as options for the client. Often the initial sessions will occur closer together (such as weekly) and as skills are gained and practised through counselling, sessions become further apart. Some clients then returned as they need, often months or years later. These later sessions are often seen as tune ups by the clients. A session is effectively talking and listening, with Barb putting forwarding her reflections on what has been said; sometimes adding a thought or an alternative perspective and sometimes inviting a big rethink. At all times, Barb aims to be open to feedback and to be present with the client. Sessions usually last 50 minutes. If needed or more convenient, longer sessions can be negotiated.

How much does it cost?

A 50 minute session is charged at $125 with rebates possible through Medicare and private health funds. Payment is expected at the time of the appointment and rebates possible at the same time. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 4 hours noticed will be charged at $65 unless extenuating circumstances are agreed upon with Barb. Appointments where clients do not attend and without notice will be charged at the full fee of $130.

Can I claim on my Health Fund?

Yes if you have extra cover with your health fund. It is advisable to check with your fund prior to your appointment

How can I find out more?

Barb can be contacted on 0417002071 should you have any queries about sessions or treatment. Otherwise appointments can be made  directly by contacting the Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapies Centre on 3368 1300.