When you are immersed in doing without being centered, it feels like being away from home. And when you reconnect with being, even for a few minutes, you know it immediately. You feel you are at home no matter where you are and what problems you face.

Jon Kabbat-Zin

The heart is made from the same substance as the heavens.

Hong Zicheng

About Fran Archer

Fran is a deeply caring and skilled Somatic Yoga and Medical QiGong teacher, with more than 24 years experience in the field of Yoga and Somatic Therapy. She is a senior member of a national association, Yoga Australia INC.

Fran conducts classes, retreats and individual sessions.

What Can Fran Offer You?

Fran’s passion is to assist students to restore a sense of balance, wholeness and vitality, through enabling them to recognize and allow the natural self-corrective process rather than efforting. Fran provides a very safe and nurturing atmosphere where students are invited to slow down and notice what arises with a quiet mind. People who attend her classes feel respected, and learn a deeper level of self respect.

Fran’s ultimate vision is for her students to receive the benefit of forming a more tangible relationship with their body, mind and the natural world around them.

What Happens During a Class?DSC04036

Somatic yoga is a simple, safe method of neuro-muscular re-education and pain relief.

In a class simple movements are performed with a focus on the breath, followed by a resting phase where students are encouraged to notice sensations and feelings. Resting between activities is immeasurably productive. Bringing attention to sensations and feelings that arise during the resting phase is key to loosening up habitual patterns.

Somatic Yoga gives the body awareness needed to identify your postural habits and patterns. It requires that you slow down, tune in and listen to what your body needs in order to find the place of ease and comfort

The vast intelligence of our being is uncovered by releasing the layers of tension held in the habitual patterns. Listening and responding to our body’s preferred position or movement brings more ease and flow. Life is wonderful with a relaxed nervous system that can bounce back from life’s ups and downs.

How much does it cost?

The fee is $15 for causal and for payment in advance.

When can I attend classes?

Evening (5.45-7.15pm Mon and Tue)

Early morning (6.30-8am, Wed and Fri).

Oki Yoga Teacher Training.

Fran is a teacher on this 1 Year course commencing 26 September 2015.

Main teacher and co-ordinator of this course is Peter Masters. Venue is Zen Central, West End, Brisbane.

How can I find out more?

email Fran or call her 0418 747 597


Residential Weekends with Fran at Springbrook.

SPRINGBROOK SOMATIC RETREAT With Fran Archer and Angela Sanderson

Incorporating the principles of Yoga, Qigong and Ortho-BionomyTM

‘Nourishing Your Life Force’. 9-11 October 2015.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.” Jim Morrison

You are invited to lighten your load, take a break from everyday responsibilities and ingrained habits of doing and thinking and retreat into the soul-soothing simplicity of nature. Give yourself permission to be OK just as you are and to take your own sweet time unravelling tension in a way that suits you. Reconnect to your innate impulses to move, rest and play. When we increase our capacity for freedom in our bodies we increase our potential freedom in the world. When we decide to calm our nervous systems the benefits ripple out into our wider community. Calmness is catching. Come and explore new choices – your body holds the key!

Fran and Angela have been colleagues and collaborators for twenty years, nurturing people to reinstate balance and wellbeing in their bodies and lives, through retreats, classes and their private practices. As experienced and innovative practitioners of Yoga, Medical Qigong, Somatic Therapy and Ortho-Bionomy, they share a passion for embodiment and facilitating movement towards kindness, comfort, rest, enjoyment and appreciation in the body.

Care is taken to allow for all levels of mobility, no previous experience is necessary to benefit from this beautiful weekend. Come and enjoy good company, delicious vegetarian food, classes, bush walks, resting, reading and listening in an exquisite natural environment.

Retreat times: 3pm Friday 19th to 3pm Sunday 21st June 2015 $350 includes tuition, accommodation and meals. Contact: Fran 0418 747 597

Angela 0401 203 599


Single rooms with shared bathrooms (a few twin rooms are available).
All rooms have doonas, pillows, electric blankets, bedside lamps,
writing table and hand basin.
The Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre is totally non-smoking and alcohol & perfume free, please avoid strongly scented products.


• 2 sheets & a pillowcase
• Towel & toiletries
• Torch
• Raincoat/umbrella/jacket
• Sunscreen & insect repellent • Walking shoes & hat

• Yoga mat & pillow


To register for the retreat 19th – 21st June 2015 contact Fran at franarcher008@gmail.com then choose option 1 or 2 below:

1. Enclose a cheque payable to Fran Archer for $350 all inclusive Post cheques to:
Fran Archer
Bardon Counselling Centre

151 Boundary Road, Bardon Qld 4065 (pls include contact details)


2. Direct Transfer: $350
Account details:
Account Name: Fran Archer BSB: 014 272 A/C No: 5719 14455 Pls include your name in the details when making your transfer

Full payment is due by Friday 12th June 2015.
A fee will be charged for cancellation after this date.

Brisbane to Springbrook via Nerang Exit
EXIT 69 – off motorway, left into Southport-Nerang Right under freeway – hwy 20 Price St
Hwy 90 Beaudesert/Nerang Rd 3.8k
Hwy 97 Nerang/Murwillumbah Rd, stay on this highway for 18k
Turn left into Pine Creek Rd over Pine Creek Bridge, for 7.2k
Turn right into Springbrook / Gold Coast Rd
“KEEP LEFT” sign takes you on to a short divided road
A further 2.4k on your right is a sign
“Springbrook Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre entrance 200m on right”

North Coast NSW to Springbrook via Mudgeeraba Exit
Exit 80 off Pacific Motorway at Mudgeeraba, follow the Springbrook signposts. Near the top of the range, about half an hour from Nerang and Mudgeeraba,
there is a short piece of divided road at a “Keep Left” sign.
Immediately beyond that you will see Wunburra Lookout to the left and
Gleneagles Tea Rooms on the right.
A further 2.4kms along the Springbrook Rd, on your right, is a sign:
“Springbrook Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre entrance 200m on right”. Turn off and follow the access road until you reach the car park.

You have arrived!