Only when mankind lives in harmony with nature can we truly decree ourselves to be an intelligent species.

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Jennie offers an approach that is both gentle and profound. She has a genuine care for the wellbeing of people who seek her help, and the foundation for all treatment she gives is respect and comfort.

About Jennie Elston

After more than 30 years as an Osteopath, Jennie remains passionate about health care. Deeply respectful of nature, she loves supporting the body’s natural capacity for wellbeing by using gentle and subtle and precise treatments that comfortably ease a wide range of symptoms. After originally training in psychology and social work, Jennie worked in child welfare in Melbourne for two years before a search for more understanding of the body-mind connection took her to India for a two years work in social welfare, a Welfare Administration masters, and a year’s training in Yoga.

For the following 12 years Jennie lived in England, running Yoga weekend programs. During this time she trained as an Osteopath, and as an Alexander Technique teacher. On returning to Australia she completed a Masters of Counselling at UNE. Jennie has been based at BCNTC for over 20 years, and here she integrates her training and experience into her work as an osteopath.

What Can Jennie Offer You?

Jennie offers an approach that is both gentle and profound. She has a genuine care for the wellbeing of people who seek her help, and the foundation for all treatment she gives is respect and comfort. When consulting Jennie you will benefit from the width of her training, and her years of experience as a practitioner.

Conditions Jennie regularly treats are

  • headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain,
  • whiplash,
  • back pain,
  • joint pain and/or stiffness,
  • stress,
  • period pain,
  • shin splints,
  • painful feet,
  • jaw pain and dysfunction,
  • sinus issues,
  • respiratory conditions,
  • constipation,
  • ante-natal and post-natal conditions,
  • stress and anxiety.

She has a lot of experience, and a particular interest, in treating the effect of trauma eg from accidents, strains, giving birth, operations, ormental/emotional stress.

Many people come for a specific symptom, then experience benefit in more generalized ways. The gentle aspects of osteopathy are very settling to the nervous system, and with the autonomic nervous system re-balancing during treatment, people often find the quality of their sleep improves, digestion is more regular, and/or their immune system is enhanced. Whatever specific symptoms are being treated, this type of treatment often eases stress from both the body and the mind.

Jennie’s training and experience in counselling, adds a useful dimension to her work as an osteopath. Also, with her experience in yoga and body mindfulness (eg Alexander Technique) she is able to suggest simple and effective home practices to support treatment given.

What Happens During a Session?

In an initial visit, Jennie will use the questionnaire you fill in, and additional questions to understand as fully as possible what’s causing your symptoms, and how this may have come about. Treating a symptom will often give benefit, but when the cause is also addressed the longer-term result is much more effective.

Osteopathy is a broad profession that incorporates many ways of working, from the stronger structural techniques, to the very subtle. Jennie mainly works with the subtle, aiming to use the most gentle and comfortable procedures that will be effective in freeing restrictions. Soft tissue and massage-like procedures are incorporated into many treatments. With chronic conditions she may use careful articulation, slow stretching and pressure on specific reflex points to help release restrictions stored in the tissues. With acute and sensitive conditions she uses subtle cranial osteopathy.

Because of Jennie’s focus on providing treatments that are relaxing and safe, she will ask you to let her know if any part of the treatment is, in any way not comfortable, and she will adjust the procedures used whenever required. The duration of these treatments is 40 minutes. Treatments can be given over clothes for those who prefer, although it can be helpful for her to see the relevant area eg back, during the first visit. Some of the massage-like soft tissue procedures are also more effective directly onto the skin, but most treatments can be given with full clothing on. The number of
treatments required varies with each individual, but the aim is to minimize the number of treatments required. 3-6 treatments, a week apart followed by monthly (or whatever frequency we both decide on) maintenance visits would be a typical pattern.

How much does it cost?

Jennie keeps her fees down to enable this treatment to be accessible. It is $90 for the initial, and for follow up visits.

Can I claim on my Health Fund?

Most private health funds will cover a portion of the treatment costs. The exact amount depends on which fund, and which level of cover you have. Medicare Enhanced Primary Care will also cover a portion of treatment costs if you are referred by your GP.

How can I find out more?

More information about osteopathy is available on this site…..See Osteopathy under ‘Services’.