Judith specialises in mental health treatment of anxiety and depression, and serious mental health diagnosis for children, young people and adults.

About Judith Merari-Lyons.

Judith Merari-Lyons (PhD) is an experienced psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and mental health practitioner. She has over 20 years clinical experience in working with children, youth and adults. Judith provides a range of services that provide assessment and intervention in a range of complex matters confronting individuals and families in a modern society.

Judith is a qualified clinical psychotherapist; clinical hypnotherapist; clinical social worker with a Dip. In psychology (currently undertaking further studies in Australia in psychology to compliment her studies in Hawaii, USA and Australia).

What Can Judith Offer You?

Judith Merari-Lyons (PhD) is available to assess and provide evidence based interventions for children, young people and adults.

Judith specializes in mental health treatment for anxiety and depression and serious mental health diagnosis for children; young people and adults, including personality disorder; dual diagnosis, including drug and alcohol and mental health; pregnancy loss and post natal depression; childhood trauma & adult survivor of trauma as a child, including sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect and domestic violence; family law distress; private family law mediation; couple sessions; criminal law matters; bullying and harassment at work or at school; whistle blower support and counselling; individuation work based on a person’s spiritual belief; clinical supervision for professionals in counselling; psychology, social work, nursing and medicine.

Judith also specializes in hypnosis work specific to trauma release; release of unconscious blocks in regard to issues identified by the client, and their medical professional if required.

What Happens During a Session?

Judith works with a range of evidence based assessment models such as psychosocial assessment; mental state assessment; risk assessment and family law assessment.

Judith also provides interventions within an evidenced based model such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; Imago Couple Therapy; ANZAP Conversation Model; Deep Relaxation; Progressive Muscle Relaxation; Hypnosis; Gestalt; Psychodynamic Therapy, Dreams and Journal work within a Jungian and Gestalt context.

How much does it cost?

Judith will negotiate bulk billing with a mental health plan provided by the clients GP.

Normal Fees are $135.00 per session with a rebate of $75.00 from Medicare with a Medicare plan.

Adult sessions are generally 1 hour and 30 minutes and children and young person sessions are 1 hour.

Can I claim on my Health Fund?

Most private health funds will cover a portion of the treatment costs. The exact amount depends on which fund, and which level of cover you have. Medicare Enhanced Primary Care will also cover a portion of treatment costs if you are referred by your GP.

How can I find out more?

More information www.leyons.com.