About Paul.

My approach to both psychotherapy and counselling is simple: in this fast-paced 21st century, I see my work as offering a safe haven in which you, the ‘other’, can face yourself  and your concerns in an unhurried way. In order to do this, I make sure that I take time to prepare myself well for our meeting, by clearing away any of my own preoccupations in order to be fully present to you. Then, together, we work to create a particularly respectful relationship so that you feel safe and trusting enough to allow me to explore with you the theme or themes you bring. Some of these you will already know and some may be beyond current awareness. I will listen attentively to both your words and your silences. I will be alert to the pace with which you wish to move through our sessions together. And I will offer you as well as my patience, understanding and compassion, my skill and my insights gleaned from over 35 years of such work. Some of our conversation together may simply involve exploring what is happening currently in your life. Yet, at other times, it may be important to talk of things that have happened maybe even long ago and to talk, too, of your hopes and aspirations.

Recurring themes I work with include:

–       current emotional crises, arising from loss or trauma or awakening to a new beginning

–       past patterns which impact on life in the present

–       life decisions and future life direction

–       prevailing moods, including being anxious, depressed, empty, alone

–       personal growth and self-awareness

–       relationships

I am also skilled and available for couples counselling, for couples wishing to grow closer and to understand and love each other more fully as well as for couples at the end of the road, intending to separate and who wish to say some things, safely, to each other.

My background. I spent four years studying at the Minster Centre, London, and qualified as an integrative psychotherapist in 1982. My integrative training means I do not adhere to only one specific model, rather, over the decades, several approaches inform my work, including psychodynamic, attachment, gestalt, transpersonal as well as body-oriented and trauma understandings. I also trained in Vipassana with S.N. Goenka in India.  I was President of the New Zealand Association of  Psychotherapists (2004 – 2006). I am currently President of the Australian Clinical Supervision Association and a clinical member of and supervisor for the Queensland Counsellors Association.

What Can Paul Offer You?

With over 35 years experience as a clinical supervisor, I offer individual or group sessions to practitioners in the helping professions. I also offer supervision of supervision sessions to senior practitioners in the various disciplines.

I undertook my clinical supervision ‘apprenticeship’ in 1979/80 with Peter Hawkins, Joan Wilmot, Robin Shohet, who wrote ‘Supervision in the Helping Professions’ and, over the decades, I have continued to approach clinical supervision as a profession with core skills and processes that belong to all disciplines.

Thus, I was employed by Queensland Health (2009 – 2014) to design and facilitate generic clinical supervision workshops throughout the State for Mental Health staff: nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island staff, the Consumer and Carer workforce, social workers and occupational therapists.

Paul works with clients in psychotherapy and in counselling on many different issues, including:

·       current emotional crises

·       grief

·       trauma

·       life transitions

·       anxiety

·       depression

·       personal growth and self-awareness

·       relationships


Paul works as a clinical supervisor:

·       with practitioners from a wide range of helping professions, including counselling, psychotherapy, social work, psychology, mental health nursing, occupational therapy, community work, medical staff and others

·       with senior staff who are supervising other clinical supervisors

·       with individuals and with groups

·       face-to-face and also by telephone or skype

What Happens During a Session?


How much does it cost?

$120 per hour

Can I claim on my Health Fund?


How can I find out more?

Phone number: 0416 624 218

Email: paulbaileybrisbane@gmail.com

Website: www.goodtherapy.com.au/paulbailey