Counselling & Psychology

When problems and issues arise it can be very helpful to talk with a Counsellor, someone outside your usual network who will offer support and guidance with a non-judgemental and therapeutic approach.  Sessions can enable new insights and perspectives in a confidential and supportive setting. …read more


A gentle, precise and safe system of manual health care that is effective for many painful conditions. It can be of help for people with back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, and much more! Relying on precision and subtlety rather than force we treat all ages from newborn to the elderly.…Read more


Naturopathic medicine focuses on looking at all underlying factors that brought about illness. The practitioner aims to correct these factors with herbs, diet, supplements, and lifestyle counselling, so that the body can heal itself. It is a journey back to health. …Read more


Safe, gentle & effective for babies, children & adults, homeopathy is a system of medicine  which stimulates the body’s own natural healing process. Homeopaths treat the “whole” person, not just the disease symptoms and they take into account each individual’s characteristics as well as their symptoms.…Read more


Acupuncture points on the body are stimulated painlessly, using very fine needles. This process enhances body functions, improves energy levels, relieves pain and discomforts. It also relaxes the muscles and nervous system and improves vitality and quality of life, by restoring balance.…Read more


This Method brings the fun and freedom back into movement, assisting ease and grace in everyday activities. It can bring relief from muscle and joint pain, and improve performance for favourite activities such as golf, dancing  walking etc.…Read more


Hatha Yoga brings awareness to the mind/body relationship through attention to breathing, postural alignment with physical stretches and postures (asanas), meditation and conscious relaxation. A practice adaptable to anyone, it encourages the practitioner to be guided by their own experience. …Read more


At weekends, a range of seminars and workshops are held in our group room. Subjects are compatible with the centre’s overall focus on mental, physical and environmental wellbeing and include counselling training, Feldenkrais sessions, and courses on making your own natural cleaning products.