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Valerie Whiteley

My 14 years experience with energy therapies which help people with the aspects of their minds and feelings, has been profound for me. I never tire of seeing the lights come on in someone’s face and eyes as they realise they have let go of something that was troubling them.

In my own life I’ve probably had a lot of similar experiences to you and that’s where my interest started. I’ve been a mum and a wife with the joys and heartaches that visit most of us.

My life as a nurse brought me some pretty cool, but sometimes challenging times. I’ve delivered babies, held the hand of the dying, patched up lots of wounds and helped patch up a lot of hurting hearts and spirits. I’ve worked in remote places and managed scary emergencies on my own. I’ve worked with fishermen and had fly in/fly out jobs in mining and on a remote oil platform.

I’m not afraid to admit that it wasn’t always easy for me. Out of necessity I had to find things that helped me manage my fears and stress.

It’s all led me to the belief that our mind, feelings and body are all connected and affect each other and that we do have the ability to do a lot towards healing ourselves.

I think that even in an ordinary life, we have a choice to live it in an extra-ordinary fashion.


Workshops with Valerie Whiteley  – Discover TAT Workshop: 

A 2-day workshop to teach you the fundamentals of using TAT for yourself, your family & friends.

Tapas Acupressure Technique

The workshop is also your first step towards becoming a certified TAT Professional with TATLife®.

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What is TAT?

TAT is a gentle, effective energy therapy which will help you create personal change and achieve goals with more ease and grace. It can help transform negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, anxiety, sadness, fear and even traumatic memories. (discussion or having to relive them not necessary)

This workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their personal life.

It gives you the core concepts of TAT in a safe and friendly atmosphere, with plenty of hands on practice. You will leave with a simple, but powerful tool you can confidently continue to use yourself. If you already work in a helping profession, it gives you a personal experience of working with the technique and is the first step to professional use.

TAT Basics includes the following:

Working with negative thoughts or limiting beliefs

Help with stressful feelings and anxiety

How to help with the effect of a difficult memory or event

How to work with reducing fear

Different ways to use TAT to help with things like relationships, health and achieving your goals

How to work with allergies


$350 || $300 Earlybird if paid by 3rd April


Susan (Brisbane): 0438 783 867


Valerie (National): 0428 497 394




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